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7 Digital Marketing Skills You Need

This is a guest contribution from Brian Burt.

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

That popular bit of wisdom has a timeless ring of truth to it, but we may want to update it for the internet age.

“Whatever you are, be a digital marketer” might be more apt in this era, when nearly everything that matters happens online.

The new reality is that in order to be marketable in any field, you need to sharpen your digital marketing chops. Whether you’re an administrative assistant or a CEO, you can be a better version if you have a basic foundation in web marketing.

7 Digital Marketing Skills You Need to Succeed

1. The Online Hustle

If there’s one thing that internet marketers are masterful at, it’s the online hustle. And by that I mean, the ability to jump online, identify key influencers or companies, figure out how to contact them and then be persistent as hell about getting what you want. This skillset is critical in everything from finding a job to getting guest blogs to nabbing new clients.

Every professional today needs to be a digital ninja, adept at tracking down opportunities online and coming up with creative ways to turn those opportunities into reality. Maybe that means Tweeting at the hiring manager of your dream job or doing some light online stalking of a new business partner you want to impress. Regardless of your goal, you’d do well to learn how to become an expert at leveraging the web to get what you want. 

2. E-Relationships

In the digital age, your first point of contact with anyone new is almost always done online. So it’s absolutely crucial that you hone your interpersonal e-mailing skills. You might be thinking, “Uh, I’m pretty sure I know how to e-mail,” but just because you can type and press send doesn’t mean you’re doing a bang-up job at using e-communication to your advantage.

When it comes to forming and maintaining excellent professional relationships online, it’s all about finesse. Digital marketers are pros at becoming BFFs with people they’ve never even met in person. Sometimes that means making a cheesy joke about the weather or asking an authentic question about the recipient’s life, but the point is to go the extra step to turn your faceless e-mail address into a real, living, breathing human with whom people want to work.

3. Social Media Savvy 

The only person who can acceptably say things like, “Oh, I just don’t get social media” is your grandmother…and even she’s probably posting funny pictures on Facebook. Social media know-how may have once been a bonus, but it decidedly necessary by now.

Regardless of the field you’re in, you should have a polished LinkedIn profile at a minimum, but you should also have a decent working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Anything less makes you come across as a bit of a dinosaur in the professional world. This is especially true if, like many, you’re working in the start-up world, where every employee is a jack of many trades and should be ready to take the helm of the company’s Twitter account or Pinterest boards if asked to do so.

4. Finger on the Pulse 

In the digital marketing field, it’s essential to keep up with trending topics, modifications to the Google search algorithm and new social media policies, just to mention a few things. As the game is always changing, it’s stay current or perish. And while things might not move at such a breakneck pace in other industries, keeping abreast of news and trends in your niche is pretty much always a surefire way to get ahead.

5. Data Matters

Internet marketers are not just about crafting cool messages and viral social media posts. Hard data is actually where the rubber hits the road, because no amount of hard work or clever words matter unless they’re having an impact on the goal of increasing exposure and opportunity. All professionals would do well to become more data-oriented if they want to be more successful. After all, the work only works if it has your intended result.

6. SEO 101

It’s not really necessary for all of us to be SEO experts. But as internet users and professionals, we should all have a basic grasp on how websites earn a high ranking position in Google searches. Here are a few key understandings:

How to spot an ad versus an organic result in search results.The fact that websites that are in the top organic results of Google searches are there because they’ve established themselves as a legitimate and reliable, over time.Google punishes websites that use cheap shortcuts to try to rank quickly.The more reputable websites that link to a website, the higher its ranking.The more people share links to a site on social media, the better it does in rankings.New businesses need to work hard to establish themselves online – no one will find your new website if you don’t put in serious work to build a presence.For content to boost SEO, it needs to use popular search key terms naturally.One easy and reliable way to climb the rankings is to consistently add original content to your site in the form of blog posts. 

7. In Your Audience’s Shoes 

The digital marketer’s perennial question is: Who is my audience? In this world, that may be the customer or the potential client. Even if that’s not true for your field, you have an audience. When you tweak your resume or put together a presentation for colleagues or just write a new blog, you’ll improve your work in a serious way if you make every move with your audience in mind. Marketers know that their opinion is sort of irrelevant in the sense that they can be over the moon about a new idea, but if it won’t resonate with the audience, it’s worthless.

As the internet becomes an increasingly dominant part of business, all professionals have a duty to become proficient in basic digital marketing skills.

And when you add this skillset to your already impressive qualifications in your field, you become a double threat and infinitely more valuable to current and future employers.

Brian Burt is a digital marketing pro who’s been in the field for more than a decade. As the founder of WebRev Marketing & Design in Chicago, he’s constantly learning about and experimenting with new strategies that help businesses improve their online presence. In his rare spare time, Brian also enjoys fixing up vintage cars and guest blogging on a variety of business and marketing sites. Check out for more.



The Evolution of the Blogger – Then and Now

The concept of blogging is nothing new, it’s actually been around for well over two decades now. What has changed is how people have used blogging for creating content, and the means of setting up a blog. Years ago, to setup a blog and use the Wordpress platform, you would need to download the software, upload it to your server, setup a database and configure all of your settings. Now it’s as easy as setting up a web hosting account and clicking a button to have WordPress installed in a matter of seconds.

Along with how the process of creating a blog has changed, so has the “blogger” in itself. In the early years of blogging, it was considered an “online diary” or a “weblog”, now blogs are one of the most common ways of creating content online. Millions of blogs are created every month from individuals throughout the world, and top Fortune 500 brands are using blogging to grow their reach and engaging with their audience.

In the “Evolution of the Blogger” infographic below, we are going to take a look at how the average blogger has transformed over the past 20 years, while also helping you get a better idea on what type of blogger you might be.

The Evolution of a Blogger Infographic Summary

Blogging is all about content creation and letting an individual or brand create something to share with the rest of the world. Blogging first started in the early 90s and since then, it’s completely changed the way we create and read content online. Below you will find a summary of the many different types of bloggers in the world today.

Online Diary – The modern blogger evolved from early online diaries and threads in the 90s. Forum members would often keep a running online account of their day to day activities.The Originator – In January 1994, Justin Hall, a student at Swarthmore University created the first blog, “Justin’s Links for the Underground”. A new era of self-initiated documentation begins.Web+Log – Jorn Barger is the apparent orgiinator of the term “weblog” inspired from the term “logging the web”. He was later accused of being a homeless vagrant. The beard may have had something to do with it… but he was still an earlier peice in what ultimately makings the blogging puzzle today.Angry Blogger – Bloggers such as “Misanthropic B*tch” came onto the scene armed with their web software, salty language and an all-consuming anger about pretty much anything.”Travel and Food Bloggers – There has also been a wave of bloggers who found it upon themselves to start blogging about their trips, vacations and yes… even the food they eat. Amazingly enough, today these are some of the most well known bloggers in the world today.Celebrity Gossip – As long as there is a never ending supply of celebrity dirt and gossip to talk about, there will be an endless supply of celebrity gossip blogs to reach it from.Company Blogger – Based on the proven success of blogging as an industry and platform, companies are increasingly entering the space to promote their products, services and leaders.

There is a whole world out there for blogging, and little niche markets for everyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of blogger you are, just as long as you keep on blogging!

Infographic Source: Flowtown

Source: Marketing Infographics


How to Make Money Online - Secrets of Making Money Online - Video

This is a video post by pro blogger on the secrets of making money online, so i would advice that you sit back stay relaxed while watching the video cause you're about to discover some of the hidden ways of making money online.

Hope you found video this very useful. I would like to know your comments cocerning video using the comment below, Thank you. 

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How To Market Your Business Using Facebook - 4 Ways

Do you know that many people think Facebook is meant Kids? Well if you're among those who think that way, I want you to change that mindset now because Facebook is far beyond that. 

Do you know that many companies, organizations, etc... now use Facebook to market their businesses? Of course and i will be sharing with you 4 ways you can use to market your business using Facebook:
  • How to Market Your Business with Facebook – 1
Before you can do anything else to market your business with Facebook, you
must create an account; and then spend the time to familiarize yourself with its
features. This will pay off down the road.

  • How to Market Your Business with Facebook – 2
Once you have familiarized yourself with Facebook, begin adding friends, family
members, and business associates. This is all an important step in building a
legitimate profile an immersing yourself in social networking.

  • How to Market Your Business with Facebook – 3
Use status updates to alert business associates and members of your network to
the projects you are working on. For instance, you might mention that your team
just finished creating the software for a particular project. This may solicit interest
from potential business associates; and could spur a joint venture with very a
little effort.

  • How to Market Your Business with Facebook – 4
Add gurus and well-known individuals in your niche as friends. They will see your
status updates and potentially read your profile (which should contain a link to
your site). Again, this can be a great way to generate joint venture partnerships.

The above 4 ways are proven and they work very well. Infact i use them. 

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How to Turn N400 Recharge Card into N70,000 or More within a Month Before Xmas

Precious Kiloki's Blogging Empire
Starting a business and achieving great success takes wisdom. I learnt the technique I am about to share with u here from an article I read in a business publication. 

According to the writer of the article, there was a time he was in need of money and he was able to raise N60, 000 starting with a N200 recharge card. 

How can that be possible? 

Well, this is what he did: 

He bought recharge card worth N200 and used it in sending SMS to people who he knew are interested in buying suits (they were people in his church) that he has fine suits for sale even though he did not have them as at the time. 

Immediately, one of the men called him and asked him to bring 3 different samples.
So, what he did was to borrow some money from a friend of his the following day which could afford only one suit and went to the market where he could get the suit at wholesale price.

He talked with one of the Ibo guys selling the suits and the guy agreed to give him the suits on credit only if he would take him to the customer so that he won’t run away. 

The writer of this article agreed and the guy gave him suits at the rate of N8, 000 each which he sold at N19, 000 (that is a profit of N11, 000 per suit) without using his own money. 

That was how he was able to generate over N100, 000 in less than 2 months in profits. 

How can you do that too? 

1. Look at the people around you and think of what they are buying that is common to them and you know they would buy if you can supply to them at a good bargain. (E.g. shoes, laptops, phones, suits, wrist watches, shirts etc).

2. Out of the things you have on paper, select the one that you know you can easily get whenever it is been requested for.

3. Confirm the prices of the goods you want to market and then, send an SMS to people who you know would be interested concerning what you are selling and the cheap price at which they can get it.

4. If people respond to your text messages, tell them you have the goods and deliver it to them at their doorsteps (people like this kind of thing which means they would not have to go to the market themselves).

5. You can get the goods you want to sell on credit by meeting with people in that business and make your request known to them. If that person feels reluctant to help you, get someone else.

Make sure you make the person to give you goods trust you. You can achieve this by putting down some valuable things of yours. Immediately, you collect your money from your customer, remove your profit and return the money to the main seller.

6. Make sure you sell quality stuffs as well. This way, people will have confidence in you and will recommend you to a lot of people who will buy from you as well.

Tip: If you are working in places like banks etc where people spend a lot of money to
show off, do not wait till when others come to sell stuffs to you and make all the money. 
Do it yourself.
Tell your co-workers that you sell good stuffs. Just make sure you offer it to them a t a
good price.
For instance, if you discover that the shirts your fellow worker use in the company where
you work is bought at a price of like N5,000, you can do a little research on how you can
get those shirts and sell to them at N3500 or N4000 and they will grab it like HOT cakes.
Also, do not eat your profits but re-invest it and make more money.
I wrote this report because I shared this wisdom with a guy who is a student and he
stunned me by making N30,000 in the next week selling suits and starting with nothing.
You too can do it. Just think and get started
Getting rich is all about your ability to multiply money.
Remember, If You Can Think Enough, What You Have Is Enough.
P.S Knowledge without Action = Failure | Knowledge With Action = Success.

Please if you have anything to contribute or ask, Kindly make use of the comment form below.
P.S Do share this post with your friends and loved ones.

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