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Blog Promotion - How To Promote A Blog Part 1

Hey, welcome back! Today, I will be discussing on how to promote a new blog. If you're one of those who just created a blog, and have not been getting traffic to your blog I want you to know that you're not the only one facing the same problem.

There are different ways of which any blogger can promote his/her blog, be you a newbie blogger or an advanced blogger. 

We're going to be looking at 5 ways simple ways of promoting a new blog:

  • Forums
Forums are good places where you can interact with like-minded people in your area of interest/niche and also the topics of your blog. Most forums , in forums, you're allowed to include a signature that automatically appears below in every post you make. Which can (and should) contain a link back to your blog. Remember, you must share valuable information's in order to make the the reading have an interest in visiting your site/blog by clicking on your link.

  • Telling Friends and Family Members both Home and Abroad
This is another effective way of blog promotion and you know what? I use this system all the time and it's fun but very effective too. And i advise you do it all time.

  • Social Networks
Social Networks is another effective for blog promotion and believe me it works like magic! Look my friend i am telling the truth just try it by using the simple tricks i will be sharing with you now, and see how it really works.
Step 1: Join as many social networks that you can, make lots of friends as you can and wait for them to confirm you. 
Step 2: After they've confirmed you, send every each of them a message appreciating them for confirming you. I.E ( Hi there, thanks for accepting my friend request. I have got something nice i would love you to checkout, click on the link below to see what have got for you its as simple as that. NOTE: If you manged to send a message like that to "50 persons," out of those "50 Persons"chances are 30+ would want to see what you've got that you want them to checkout! Hope you got what i was saying.

Step 3: Link your blog with the Social Networks 

Below is a list of some Social Newtworks you could start with:

You could can use the Google Search to search more!

Watch Out For Part 2 


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