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How to Turn N400 Recharge Card into N70,000 or More within a Month Before Xmas

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Starting a business and achieving great success takes wisdom. I learnt the technique I am about to share with u here from an article I read in a business publication. 

According to the writer of the article, there was a time he was in need of money and he was able to raise N60, 000 starting with a N200 recharge card. 

How can that be possible? 

Well, this is what he did: 

He bought recharge card worth N200 and used it in sending SMS to people who he knew are interested in buying suits (they were people in his church) that he has fine suits for sale even though he did not have them as at the time. 

Immediately, one of the men called him and asked him to bring 3 different samples.
So, what he did was to borrow some money from a friend of his the following day which could afford only one suit and went to the market where he could get the suit at wholesale price.

He talked with one of the Ibo guys selling the suits and the guy agreed to give him the suits on credit only if he would take him to the customer so that he won’t run away. 

The writer of this article agreed and the guy gave him suits at the rate of N8, 000 each which he sold at N19, 000 (that is a profit of N11, 000 per suit) without using his own money. 

That was how he was able to generate over N100, 000 in less than 2 months in profits. 

How can you do that too? 

1. Look at the people around you and think of what they are buying that is common to them and you know they would buy if you can supply to them at a good bargain. (E.g. shoes, laptops, phones, suits, wrist watches, shirts etc).

2. Out of the things you have on paper, select the one that you know you can easily get whenever it is been requested for.

3. Confirm the prices of the goods you want to market and then, send an SMS to people who you know would be interested concerning what you are selling and the cheap price at which they can get it.

4. If people respond to your text messages, tell them you have the goods and deliver it to them at their doorsteps (people like this kind of thing which means they would not have to go to the market themselves).

5. You can get the goods you want to sell on credit by meeting with people in that business and make your request known to them. If that person feels reluctant to help you, get someone else.

Make sure you make the person to give you goods trust you. You can achieve this by putting down some valuable things of yours. Immediately, you collect your money from your customer, remove your profit and return the money to the main seller.

6. Make sure you sell quality stuffs as well. This way, people will have confidence in you and will recommend you to a lot of people who will buy from you as well.

Tip: If you are working in places like banks etc where people spend a lot of money to
show off, do not wait till when others come to sell stuffs to you and make all the money. 
Do it yourself.
Tell your co-workers that you sell good stuffs. Just make sure you offer it to them a t a
good price.
For instance, if you discover that the shirts your fellow worker use in the company where
you work is bought at a price of like N5,000, you can do a little research on how you can
get those shirts and sell to them at N3500 or N4000 and they will grab it like HOT cakes.
Also, do not eat your profits but re-invest it and make more money.
I wrote this report because I shared this wisdom with a guy who is a student and he
stunned me by making N30,000 in the next week selling suits and starting with nothing.
You too can do it. Just think and get started
Getting rich is all about your ability to multiply money.
Remember, If You Can Think Enough, What You Have Is Enough.
P.S Knowledge without Action = Failure | Knowledge With Action = Success.

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