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How To Market Your Business Using Facebook - 4 Ways

Do you know that many people think Facebook is meant Kids? Well if you're among those who think that way, I want you to change that mindset now because Facebook is far beyond that. 

Do you know that many companies, organizations, etc... now use Facebook to market their businesses? Of course and i will be sharing with you 4 ways you can use to market your business using Facebook:
  • How to Market Your Business with Facebook – 1
Before you can do anything else to market your business with Facebook, you
must create an account; and then spend the time to familiarize yourself with its
features. This will pay off down the road.

  • How to Market Your Business with Facebook – 2
Once you have familiarized yourself with Facebook, begin adding friends, family
members, and business associates. This is all an important step in building a
legitimate profile an immersing yourself in social networking.

  • How to Market Your Business with Facebook – 3
Use status updates to alert business associates and members of your network to
the projects you are working on. For instance, you might mention that your team
just finished creating the software for a particular project. This may solicit interest
from potential business associates; and could spur a joint venture with very a
little effort.

  • How to Market Your Business with Facebook – 4
Add gurus and well-known individuals in your niche as friends. They will see your
status updates and potentially read your profile (which should contain a link to
your site). Again, this can be a great way to generate joint venture partnerships.

The above 4 ways are proven and they work very well. Infact i use them. 

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  1. Nice post. Creating an ad with a picture and then tagging people that has many friends works too. Facebook groups, Facebook pages are also free fb marketing tools one can use too.




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