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10 Ways To Promote Your Blog With Stumble Upon

StumbleUpon is one of the leading bookmarking and sharing sites on the web and can help you promote your blog or website with ease. When you want to increase traffic and help build readership, bookmarking sites such as these can help deliver your content to interested readers. Here's how to use StumbleUpon to promote your blog successfully.

Instruction - Things You'll Need:
  •    Internet connection
  •    Working e-mail address
  •    URL to your blog
  •     List of keywords and subjects relevant to your blog

 Step 1

 Step 2
Register for Fill out your information after choosing 'Join StumbleUpon Today' and confirm your membership.

 Step 3
Download the StumbleUpon toolbar. This will take you only a few minutes and is free. The toolbar will be added to your web browser.

Step 4
Click on a blog entry you would want to promote. Type in the URL of your blog and choose an entry you would want to share with the community. This will open up on your browser.

Step 5
Click on the 'Stumble!' button on your web browser. The blog entry title will appear in a popup box that asks for a few more pieces of information.

Step 6
Fill out the description box given and then select a category. Create a short summary of the article and select the appropriate category from the list. Use the drop-down menu if you do not see your category listed. Select 'Other' if your article does not fit in any of the designated categories.

Step 7
Add tags. Type in five to seven keywords that people may be using to search for your topic.

Step 8
Confirm whether your content is considered to be 'adult content' or not. Select the appropriate radio button.

Step 9
Select the language. Select the language your site is written in; the default is English, but you can scroll down the drop-down menu to find alternatives if needed.

Step 10
Select 'Submit This Site'. This confirms your submission and adds it to the roster of stumbled content on the web.


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