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7 Reasons to Blog Instead of Using a Website

By - Kerrie Sheehan
Blogging has become very popular and a lot of people are now using blogs instead of the standard website. People now use blogs to get their ideas across, market their business and to voice their opinions.

Here are seven reasons why I think people should choose a blog over a normal website.

1. Blogs are Easy to Use.
Let us face it blogs are simple and easy to use. You can access them fast and making changes is much easier than a normal website. None of that geek stuff like changing all that confusing HTML code.

2. Making Changes is Simple and Fast.
With blogs you can make changes in mere seconds compared to the hassles and hours it can take to update a normal website. If you are updating your website on a daily basis then a blog is a real time saver.

3. Information is Delivered Quickly.
You can get your information up on a blog much more quickly than a normal website by following some simple directions. In some niches information can change rapidly therefore the speed you can post to a blog can give you a competitive advantage. Compare this to the hours and sometimes days it takes to update a normal website.

4. Search Engine Optimized.
Most blogs are by their very nature search engine optimized and this can be enhanced by simply choosing an SEO theme for your blog. Search engines love blogs as they are keyword rich which attract web crawlers much faster than normal websites. Some times it takes ages for a website to be found by search engines.

5. Blogs are Naturally Organized.
Websites are a real hassle to organize and every time you add more information it requires some degree of reorganization. Blogs come with a build in format and do not require any initial organization or formatting and even better when you add a post or information then no reorganization is necessary.
6. Blogs can be free or cost very little.
Various sites such as Blogger, Squidoo, Weebly and Hubpages allow you to host your blogs for free if you abide by their terms and conditions. Other than your time this is means you can advertize for free. If you want unlimited freedom then you will have to pay a small price for a domain name and hosting for your blog. You can then use a free platform such as WordPress to automatically format and organize your blog.

7. Communication with your readers.
Because blogs allow your readers to add comments and pose questions they are a great way to communicate with your readers. You can communicate quickly with your readers and their comments are a way of staying in contact with your readers, friends and followers. Website do not allow you to do this.

These are only some of the reasons to blog and the many advantages a blog has over a normal website. For an example of a blog being used as an alternative to a normal website check out


  1. Thanks for the sharing this 7 tips because many poeple has been using blog to promote their business, share their ideas to other people to understand.

    Nice article here and i will be checking on you.

    Keep up the good work.


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