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Bloggers - Why Should I Read The Blog Of Someone In My Niche?

Great Question! This is a serious matter that must be handled and i will be doing it right away. 

Before writting this post, i visited some Blogs in my Niche and there was something i saw that inspired and stired me up when reading these blogs whcich are:

1. The way they write

I learnt that when you read the Blogs of those who are in your niche, you'll be so exicited about their ways of writting and the way they do their things. And most especialliy when reading any blog in your niche, i suggest and insist that you be yourself and stay cool so that what you've read will be in your mind and heart and also be stored into your Brain. Learn and copy their ways of wrtitng most especially from the Pro-Bloggers.

2. Learn from them no matter what

When you learn something from someone whose in your area of niche, lets say i am a photographer, i would always want to read the blog of someone whose also a photographer so i can learn and know some of the things that i don't know! Isn't that true? No, tell me? So, i advice you visit the top blogs in your niche, ready and learn from them. Most of all be relaxed when reading their post so you don't mistakingly miss a paragraph or line. Learn from their POSTS and put yours to works.

3. Copy from their ways

For instance you make money online and you also blog about how you make money online, all i have to do is read the post that the person has written about how he made money online and then copy he's system, strategies and ways. Am i not right? I'm right becuase thats the truth. Okay if you oppose and say no, please can you tell us why?

Why i support and say that its true, is because you cannot become a master of your own without learning from someone who knows more than you, isn't that true?

P.S Please if you've got any contributions to this post please leave it as a comment and it will be reviewed and added to this post. Thank you! :)


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