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5 Steps To Making Your Blog Readable

Have you ever been bored reading a newspaper or lose focus when reading a book? Internet users are far worse - with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and all sorts of other distractions, here's a few ways to ensure that your content gets read.

1) Remember that people are reading a blog.
Remember - people are sitting down to read a blog, not a technical report. Try to get your main point out quickly and efficiently without boring the user. Remember, less is better.

2) Try blogging using bullets or numbered lists.
Generally, when I blog, I try to blog with bullet points, lists, or numbers. 90% of my readers are not going to really read anything except the bullet points, so I make them relevant, easy to remember, and useful.

3) Use images in your blogs.
Blogging with images and other breaks can really help to keep a person's attention span. Don't overdo it, but certainly use images to spice up your blog's life.

4) Bloggers should use a lot of white space.
By using white space, you're able to keep the reader's attention. The less words there are in an area, the easier it is you're the person reading your blog to keep focused on what you're trying to communicate.

5) Make use of font control.
Make use of your bold button. Bold your key sentences and phrases, and make sure people can get the "gist" of your entire article or blog post by skimming your bolded sentences. This is most important when your target audience is trying to learn "how to" or a "do it yourself" technique.
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