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Law of Attraction and Money - Tips on How to Attract Money Into YOUR Life

Seems like we all would like to have a little more money in our pockets and bank accounts at the end of the day. For a lot of people out there, this seems more like a dream and not something that they will actually get to experience. You can change all of that and start using the law of attraction to help YOU attract more money into your life, though. Just remember, the law of attraction is not some fairy tale, and you will have to actually DO something to attract more money.

Here are some tips on how you can use the law of attraction to manifest and attract more money in our life:

1. Be crystal clear on a precise amount that you would like to see enter your life. Generic wishes like just having more money are not enough to make much of a difference in your ability to attract money. Rather, you need to be able to quantify an exact amount and stay determined and committed to attracting this amount into your life. You have to get down and stop wishing and be ready to come up with a hard number.

2. Be grateful for ALL money that comes into your life. Even if you have wishes that are grand, you still need to show gratitude for the smaller amounts that are going to come at you. Think of the law of attraction being like a close friend. If they were to hand you a $ 20 bill when you really wanted $ 200 and you showed no gratitude at all, do you think it would be likely that they would give you more?

3. Be READY to RECEIVE money into your life. This is the biggest tip of all and it can be the hardest one to master. You have to be prepared to receive the amount of money that you want even BEFORE it comes into your life. Basically, you have to show FAITH and expect that it will come into your hands, even when it seems like it may not.
Are you ready to discover how to use the law of attraction to attract more money into YOUR life?

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