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Build a Profitable Website

By Leona Douglas 

The Internet provides more opportunity than ever before. People who turn to the Internet for an additional income stream would be happy to make an extra $500 per month. Once they see it working, they scale up their expectation to making a part time living online. Once that goal is reached, then scale up your vision again to making a full time income online. What can you do to make money online? Build a profitable website.

What niche would you target that would keep your interest? How do you know what one is best for you? Build an online business based on your talents, your personality, your ability. Not on some hot niche you hope to get into. Don't stray from being who you are.

Your niche is best determined by asking yourself three questions:

1. What am I passionate about?

2. What do I know? What kind of knowledge have I acquired that I can pass on?

3. What special skills have I to give?

Every day you wait to start your online business is a day you waste. And the foundation in online business is your website. There are many tools to get your website up. Your own dot com, professionally laid out, social media integrated, monetized website.

What content do you put on the website? Hone in on your passion, you know that niche well. If you can bring your view to your niche, it will bring content, valuable content, to the Internet.
Most people go online to search for information first and foremost. For solutions to problems. We are information junkies. And you have value to give them. Your knowledge, your skills. So if you are passionate about your niche, your information is king.
The fastest way to make money on the Internet now is content sites with ads. The money flows automatically. Your Internet business is not about getting rich quick. Its about building a business that's there for the long haul. Diligently apply yourself to your business. Add an information product, an eBook, a coaching program, make a membership site. You decide how far to take it.

Start by creating your content. Don't dream about having the business of your dreams. It happens when you take the steps. See the opportunity, take the action, and build your site. The only way to start is by starting.
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