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Law of Attraction Exercises - Learn How to Attract More

Law of Attraction exercises are key to attracting more into your life.
Yes, there's some simple Law of Attraction exercises that you can do today.
First off, we must understand how the Law of Attraction works. Law of Attraction says that whatever you focus your energy and attention on, you'll attract more of the same. Like attracts like. It's that simple!
When you focus on what you want and desire, you'll start the attraction in motion.
Only through fear, doubt, worry and other negative emotions and feelings do you repel your desires.

Exercise 1: Write down what you want to attract. What do really want? Not your spouse, kids or friends...but YOU. It's getting crystal clear in exactly what you desire. Too many people aren't even sure what they want. How in the world can you even expect to attract what you desire if you don't even know? It reminds me of the saying, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything."

Take your stand!

A simple formula to help you get clear in what you desire is a clarity through contrast exercise.
Here's how it works.

Law of Attraction Exercises #1

What area do you want to define? Travel, Where to Live, Dog to Buy, Career Path, Choosing a Home Business etc...
Let's take Dog to Buy for an example
What do you want in a dog? Name them. It might look something like this:

Contrast (Don't Want)

Small dog
One that barks a lot
One with long hair
One that doesn't like water
Too protective
Indoor dog
A dog that only wants to be with me

Now, we take our list of contrast and gain clarity. Remember contrast is what we don't want. We observe what we don't want briefly to gain clarity.
Clarity Through Contrast

Small dog...I want a large dog.
One that barks a lot...I want a quieter dog.
One with long hair...I want a short haired dog.
One that doesn't like water...I want a dog that enjoys water.
Too protective...I want a dog that alerts me.
Mean...I want a friendly dog.
Indoor dog...I want an outdoor dog.
A dog that only wants to be with me... I want a family dog.
Of course, this is a dog example, but you can use it to gain clarity throughout any area of your life. You can use these Law of Attraction exercises to finally get clear about what you want to create. I'll look forward to hearing your results!

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