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Make Money With WeNetProfits

wnpheader.jpgWeNetProfits is a Global Membership Club and Home Based Business. Founded in Toronto, Canada of March 2009 by Mike Butler & Danny Gauthier. Through Mike’s family tragedy and experience, they set out for ten years to create something totally dynamic and unique that would really make a difference in,not only peoples lives but to the whole planet.

WNP has been created to help every single person in the world,it is available and accessible to absolutely anyone,regardless of education, environment, religion, even people who have little money and no internet, WNP really is the answer for anyone desiring a better quality of life,no matter what your circumstances.

With WeNetProfits you will become a home business owner by purchasing a Home-Biz licence, which is effectively a mini franchise that allows you to operate your business globally.There are 3 different Home-Biz packages to choose from,either Silver (accomodate,Gold (Activate) and Platinum(Accelerate). This is where you will become a WNP member and have access to all the invaluable member benefits of the business.
One of the major benefits is the compensation plan which will have you generating a very lucrative passive income that pays you both daily and monthly. There are 2 totally different businesses in one within WNP….

1. The Retail Programme Paid hourly!!(To Your ATM Card)yes,you read right,you get your very own ATM card,A First In The History Of Direct Sales!

2. The Residual Freedom Programme Paid monthly!As a Platinum member your earning potential is $121,600/month, yes,that wasn’t a miss print,you read that right! :-) 
With The Retail Programme you will have a 24/7 access to the WNP power packed education and personal development library that is being constantly updated. And you will also be amazed to know that the late Jim Rohn has gifted all his products to WNP. Only a select few businesses have had the pleasure in accepting this highly valuable, life changing books, and we are pleased to say we were one of them. :-)
The most rewarding side to WeNetProfits are the charities we support across the globe.As a member of WNP, you will be a major part of the contribution. :-) 


  1. Yes, I have been working with WNP and i found their company very interested to work with because they have all the tools that will make your achieve your online dreams.

    WNP rocks..


  2. WeNetProfits!@ W.N.P Really works and rocks and they've got all one needs to become successful in their biz..


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