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5 Ways to Advertise Your Website For Free!

By:  Paul Bartholomew

In this section I am going to provide 5 ways with how to increase your website/blogs name. I have brought together 5 ways that I am currently using and I am seeing results with them. Some more than others.

But before I start with the 5 ways to advertising your blog. Let me state this clearly, advertising your website or blog and getting it well know comes with hard work and a lot of time and effort. Now it can be the boring part of creating the website and getting it known, or the exciting bit. Personally I find that it is that exciting part with doing the website because you can learn for yourself which methods work and also a sense of fulfillment when you start receiving organic traffic.
But back to the point of this post. Here are 5 ways to increasing your website/blogs name.

1. The first and foremost way I feel is very effective when it comes to getting your blog out and about, is by using article sites such as Ezine Articles.
The reason for this is because, if you are producing good posts then you will want to get them known more, and by submitting them to articles directories, your post will get up into the search engines and if it is interesting then people will want to read it.
To make it interesting you will want to proof read your posts and website, to see it from the readers point of view and ask yourselves questions such as, 'How will this post help me? What will I achieve by reading this post?'
If you feel you can help people out or you provide a very good section of posts and information, then start submitting the articles to article websites and you will soon notice people coming back to read your new posts.

2. My second choice of advertising would be to use forums that are related to your website or blog. Now I do not mean go and start spamming away and posting your website everywhere saying 'click here' because you will soon realise no one will click it due to it being seen as spam.
So what I recommend in order to start receiving more people to your website and getting yourself known in the online world is to become a part of the forum. Post regular posts with quality information as well as providing a link in your signature to your website. But just provide a link to your website with a short explanation of what it is.
By posting on forums with good information and things people will want to read, readers will soon start clicking your link and eventually just visit your website straight away without going through forums, that is if they think your posts and information are of a good quality.

3. The third way I recommend to advertising your blog is on a more one to one basis yet it can be very effective. To do this, use search engines or article websites and search for people writing similar blogs or having a similar website. By going to their website and posting comments or reviews of what they are writing, you will slowly start to get noticed by the owner as a respected member of his community.
Now you could contact the owner and explain how you like the stuffs hes posting and maybe build a relationship through helping each other, even if it starts by your just providing some useful tips and feedback on his website. Or maybe you could just contact the owner explaining about how you have a similar website and you like theirs, could they provide feedback.
Now you will find a few blogs similar to yours and by building relationships you have potential to create link-backs to your website from them by providing their links on yours. If their blog is receiving a lot of traffic, people will soon start to click their links, and if yours is one of them then you will notice a massive increase of people coming to your website as well as getting your website/blog known.

4. The fourth way is by using social networking websites, I have already covered this on one of my earlier blog posts found here at Social Network marketing. But I will explain a brief about using it.
By using social networking websites the majority of people you will reach will usually your real life friends, so you will receive face to face reviews about your website as well as people visiting your website. You can also gain free advertisement by asking them to help out and for example, change their Facebook status to your website.

5. My fifth and final way of advertising your website would be to use YouTube. The reason for this is because YouTube reaches a massive market and you will gain a lot of views through good videos, and by simply placing your link in the description box, with a good video, people will click the link in the masses.

Now all of these ideas do work, 100% guarantee that they will help advertise your website and bring in more readers/customers/traffic. The only thing I will say is that they all require work, no matter how tedious it gets advertising your website or blog, it needs to be done, and I can assure you, when you start to see traffic coming in and sales if you are an affiliate, you will be more than happy with your advertising.
So to finish off......Put the effort into your advertising, make sure you produce good content, and watch your traffic numbers rise!!!:)
Paul Bartholomew © 2010 Paul Bartholomew's Website


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