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How to Create a Magnetic Prosperity Map

Prosperity maps are powerful wealth creation tools which are based on the law of attraction. A map attracts whatever is needed for the manifestation of its pictures. Select your desired objects, use the proper coloring, maintain sufficient spacing and you attract the life of your dreams. The map is the precursor of its real world equivalent.
A map accentuates the picturing power of the mind. If you have a difficult time visualizing your goals a prosperity map can be a viable alternative.
Follow these steps to build a magnetic prosperity map.
  • Keep Your Map Secret
More often than not people will give it bad energy. Or you might give it bad energy if you feel embarrassed when somebody else sees it. Energy attracts like energy according to the law of attraction. It's better to keep the prosperity map a secret between you and the universe.
  • Use Big, Colorful Poster Boards
The map symbolizes your goals. If you want spectacular results use vivid, striking colors. Don't crowd your pictures. Space them out generously. The idea is abundance.
  • Use Specific Colors For Specific Results
Depending on what you most desire use the following colors:
Green or gold poster boards for financial or job success.
Yellow or white for increased spiritual knowledge.
Blue for intellectual accomplishments.
Pink or red for love and harmony in human relationships.
Most importantly use a color which appeals to you emotionally. Use the law of attraction effectively by utilizing bright colors.
  • Always Use Colored Pictures
Colored pictures bring better results. Black and white photos are drab and bring slower results. Aim for colors which stimulate the emotions. Use brilliant shades for quicker results.
  • No Prosperity Map Clutter
Since the map is a precursor to your results it's vital not to clutter the pictures. Space them out.
  • Use Money On Financial Poster Boards
Unless money is posted you could wind up in debt. Feel free to use play money or checks.
  • Affirm It To Earn It
Use affirmations for wealth, marriage, or whatever it is which you seek to complement the prosperity map.
  • Place A Spiritual Symbol On The Board
This could be Jesus, Buddha, or any source of spiritual inspiration. A spiritual symbol protects the board and ensures that wonderful things are on the way.

  • View Your Prosperity Map Upon Waking And Going To Sleep
Feel an emotional jolt when viewing your prosperity map. Remember that the law of attraction responds swiftly to strong emotions. The more emotionally involved you become with the pictures the quicker they manifest.
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