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How to Promote Your Blog on TV Ads

Okay, you're a blogger... not a producer? Right? No fancy stuff here.. I am sure you want more audience, where the idea of advertising a blog on TV comes in.
FYI, with the introduction of Google TV, which is a part of Google AdWords run your ads on network via television. Awesome huh! Before... be on the television, seen by a big crowd, obviously, a big deal. NOW, I reveal with Google TV nothing is unachievable. Your Blog advertisement will be on air on national TV shows. You have probably noticed some TV ads show web addresses, that is how they make it, statistics shows how bloggers spend time on multitasking, now a very relaxing type, just sitting on a couch with your TV on and with your laptop open.
It sounds amazing huh! Choose the price you prefer, apparently, the more you pay, a surefire that the more audience you're likely to reach. Technology speaking, TV is one of the highly prized medium that would reach a broad audience and with global channels; you are on the road to specific audiences. People depend on TV commercials information about their items of interest.
Furthermore, people do not have much time go through reading long scripts, like, you might flop with very tiring long ads with the typical promotional tools, but on TV ads they are visual and effortless to take any information. The same thing, TV ads work for the same reason, driving traffics and more revenues.
Be on the same boat; target the right audience with TV ads. A good time to try, find a great payoff and the chance that your simple blog could fill the demands on a major TV show and surprisingly reach more audience than you ever could imagine.

How Google TV works:
The process is pretty simple:

1. Create an account with Google AdWords set up your campaign. There you will find the process to select the audience size, how to set your bid, your choice of budget, and select when do you want to start and end your campaign.

2. There are different programs available. If you have a blog about entrepreneur, maybe you want to run your ad on ""Mom Online Entrepreneur. If your blog is about the souvenirs and giveaways perhaps you want "Sweets4Keeps".

3. Now, it's time to upload your TV commercial just like uploading process on any other video. Follow the specifications to follow.

4. You can track your ads and adjust as needed. Here you can view where your ads run and the estimated number of people viewing your ads (called impressions), and other statistics.

How to create TV ads

You really cannot go wrong, (Grow Your Business with Google AdWords: 7 Quick and Easy Secrets for Reaching More Customers with the World's #1 Search Engine)if you just follow the process correctly and take some simple tips. I know some bloggers want a cost effective to promote their blogs. Pretty simple. Everything has been figured out here, as long as you target your ads and follow a simple formula, you don't need any supernatural to work.
Good luck!!! Try and experiment Google TV, I'd love to hear yours!Visit other popular sites and learn from them - Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads, to powerfully brand your company.
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