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Tips to Get Website Traffic With the Help of YouTube

By:Van Dexter Rutledge 
You Tube is one of the largest social media sites, where thousands of videos of different categories are being uploaded by the users every day. However, you would be surprised to know that, millions of people spend their time on watching different kinds of videos every day. So, it would be a great thing if you target those people by creating an informative video that could attract them.

However, it's really disappointing that, most of the home based internet marketers don't seem to be interested in creating a video about their niche. However, if you look into this matter, you would find that there are only a few internet marketers who have their niche videos on you tube. However, consider these things in creating a video:

• Make sure that your video is not too long.

• Put your website name in the sidebar or at the bottom of the video.

• Put your site name at the beginning and ending of your video clip.

• Freeze your site name for a while so that folks could remember it.

• Make sure that you put your main keywords in the video title.

However, one of the major questions that has been asked by internet marketers to experts is "Why don't I get traffic though I uploaded a number of videos on you tube?" However, generally speaking, you should have known that there are hundreds of similar videos on you tube. So, what should you do to get your videos visible by folks on you tube? Well, in this regard, follow these strategies:

• Choosing the right keyword is very crucial. However, go to you tube and search for a video that is related to your niche. For instance if you make a video about "How to get your ex back", try to search it. However, look at the first video that you get upon searching. See the keywords. If you think that you need to add more keywords, and then add without hesitation.

• Make sure that the video quality is good. A blurry or low quality video is not a good one.

• Put multiple rich keywords as search engines just love videos.

• Post you video links on some of the most viewed videos as a comment.
Finally, I can say that, doing something creative is very important as the number of home based internet marketers are increasing significantly day by day. However, in order to get more traffic to your site, you should create a simple video. Hence upload it to you tube making sure that you used rich keywords.

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