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How to Find a New Best Friend

By: Alexa Rae Ciriaco

For women, best friends are viewed as twin sisters that got separated from birth. Or, they may also be a reflection of one's inner personality. A day is not a day without hearing even a word from your best friend. It is sad to not have your best friend around even if she always point out your mistakes and pulls your hair for your unacceptable behavior. Best friends are irreplaceable because of their unique abilities to change your life in a better sense. But what will happen if your best friend is no longer free to be with you anytime of the day? Will you stop loving life because of her absence? Surely, things happen for a reason. Maybe another best friend is waiting for you down the line. All you have to do is use your heart in finding the right best friend for you. And so, to help you more with your search, try to put into your mind and heart the following guides to help you through.
Never compare.

Usually, in trying to find a new person in the place of your best friend, you are trying to compare your experience between the two. This will not get you anywhere. Why? It is because each person has lovable qualities perfect for a best friend. If your new friend has a different way of being a friend compared to your other best friend, it doesn't mean she can no longer be a probable best friend. Try to get to know her better before even finalizing things that no one can be of the same level with your best friend. A lot can happen over time, and you wouldn't want to regret your decisions in the future.

Be open

Do not be too snobbish towards other people who want to befriend you. Open yourself to more possibilities. Do not limit yourself on the things you got used on doing with your best friend. Try to explore new grounds and experiences with other people. As you widen your space, you will have a greater chance of meeting new people and possible best friends. Maybe you should also try getting to know other people from work or school whom you haven't talked with that much before. Now is your chance to build new connections and realize new things about yourself through other people.

Learn to share

There is nothing wrong in telling a little more about yourself to others. Sometimes even simple things can create long and meaningful conversations with different people. Sooner or later you will be surprised in finding other people sharing the same thoughts and sentiments as you. It is even helpful if you would join forums, group discussions, and other interesting organizations, where you can find other people who may have common qualities with you, or better yet simple interesting for you to get to know more.

Offer that hand

Friendships can have a good start thru companionship, sympathy, and benevolence. It doesn't need to be a big charity work. Actually, a simple offering of your hand to a person who has a lot of things to carry is a great way enough to start a friendship. But this act of kindness must be from your heart, and not just because you are in search of a new friend.

Alexa Rae Ciriaco is a single mother, a teacher, and a writer. She is currently taking up her Graduate Studies on Educational Technology. She also specializes on parenting topics, specifically regarding infants and toddlers. She is also inclined into writing articles of various niche. You may get to know her more by visiting her site in

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