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How to Keep Your Online Home Business Running Strong!

By: Julianne Rowat

You have finally found the online home business right for you. You no longer have to commute back and forth to a dead-end job. You no longer have a boss breathing down your neck. But just how do you keep your online business running strong with all the distractions you have at home?

You get up when you want to, you start work when you want to, maybe there is a good show on T.V. so you start watching it. This is the life, but what about your business? Without someone telling you what to do and when to do it, when will things to get done?

Many Hats

You have to maintain structure in your business. You now wear every hat there is. You are the boss, the CEO, secretary, manager, chief cook and bottle washer. What you need to do is, make a list every night of everything you want to accomplish the next day.

Set a certain amount of time for each task. The first thing that needs to be done is income producing activities. If you write articles for your business, do those first. Same with press releases, and videos. If you do pay per click, then get your ads wrote, test and tweak them to see how they are doing.

Always do your emails and phone calls last, unless your prospect is in a foreign country and you need to call them in the morning. If you start out with your emails, you will get side tracked, as most people get tons of emails from different companies, and then you will start checking out to see what their doing. Do not get side tracked by reading emails first.

Stay Organized

If you have kids and need to take them to school, and pick them up, have your phone with you with an organizer on it. Have your list of things to do already on it, you never know when you may need to make that call or pick something up at a store on your way back home.

Having an organizer in your hand will save you a lot of time. I know, you say, well I started a online home business so that I would have more time! That is true, you do have more time, but you need to use that time usefully.

Set Goals

Now that your business is running how you want it, set yourself some goals. If your not making the income you thought you would, figure out why not, and write a goal that will get you there. Once you have met that goal, raise the bar, and focus on the next one. Without goals you will loose all your motivation, it is especially easy to do when having a home business.

Once you have met your goal, no matter how small, celebrate! Take your family out, even if it is just to the park, get out of the house and have some fun. Always celebrate every goal you achieve, that will keep you motivated and moving on to the next one.


Always Network with other online home business owners. Sometimes being at home alone with your computer can get you down in the dumps, especially when your having a bad advertising day. Keep in touch with other net workers on Facebook, Twitter and in forums. Find out how their day is going and if they have learned any thing new. Business owners love to talk about their new found way of marketing. You can learn a lot by networking with others.

When you start losing your momentum from working so many hours, now that your business is at home, then remember the WHY you started it in the first place. No boss, no commute, more money, and more time at home with family. Always reward yourself for the small tasks you accomplish and you will keep your online home business running strong.

Julianne Rowat, the author, is an internet marketing entrepreneur. She has wrote other articles, press releases and has videos on motivation, self improvement, and FAQ about having an internet marketing business. Her husband is a retired fire fighter/ paramedic. They have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. They travel all around the United States in their motor home while working their internet marketing business. Their mission is to help others all over the world succeed in their own internet marketing business. You can read more about them in their blog at: JulianneRowatsBlog or check out their business at UltimateWealthFromHome 



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