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How to Get Thousands of Free Visitors

By: Luka_Bozic

Traffic, traffic traffic, hmm, many people are having trouble with that, getting traffic to their sites, blogs, and forums.
Creating a site and the rest is easy, but traffic is the tough part.
There are millions of ways to get traffic, some bring you very few visitors, some bring you thousands every day.
One of the easiest that can bring you loads of traffic is


Many professionals use article marketing to drive traffic to their brand new site, and yes, drive thousands of visitors from only 1 article. You have to do a little research on the title, go to Google, type in a sentence related to your niche, you must find a sentence/title that has less than 10,000 competing sites.
Now once you got the title, write the article, about 500 words, and submit it to top article directories like EzineArticles, Sooper Articles and etc, but I would really recommend you Ezine, after all I only use Ezine articles, and it brings me many visitors.


Use OnlyWire to submit your site to many thousands of social bookmark sites, Onlywire costs $2.99 per month, but that's really cheap, better than paying someone $150 right?
Twitter is way too popular, and you must have an account for your site.
Create an account, use Twellow, Buzzom and etc to follow people on your niche, then they will follow you back, then after couple of days, use a tool to unfollow the people who are not following you, just repeat this step, you can easily get 20,000 followers, then tweet more than 100 times daily.


Visit other blogs related to your niche, then use the ping back tool to list your site in their blog post, this can be used for forums as well, this is really useful especially if that blog post is really popular, and make sure to comment nice things.


Visit the top 3 biggest forums on the niche of your site, put the URL and anchor text in your sig then post about 50 posts in each forum, but post about 10 posts per day in each forum, so that's about 30 posts a day, easy work, in 5 days you will reach 150 posts, 150 backlinks, and many visits probably.


Go to the top 10 webmaster/marketing forums, register, make 5 posts on each, put your sig to get extra visits and backlinks, then in the review section make a thread asking them to review your site, if the people like your site, they will visit it again and again and again.


Fiverr is very popular now, especially after it's been on Yahoo. Fiverr is a site that people do all kinds of things for $5, they design you a site for $5, they code you a site for $5, this is all worth a total of $150, they do this because they need urgent money and etc.
Well, go to advertising section, and look for some gigs that may help you, people are offering to put 50 flyers all over Cambridge and etc for only $5, all the stuff is only $5 which is the amazing part, I find my guys from there.

Those 7 ways are my favorite ways, but there are millions out there, but they are all complicated, but HEY! I have an offer for you, check my sig and you can get thousands of hits and dollars through those visits! From Google and many many sources, just check it out! George is a really popular kid because of his traffic methods.



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