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Network Marketing Information Overload - How to Avoid MLM Information Overload and Keep Focus

By: Rich Anderson
If you've been introduced to network marketing as a means of earning extra income, you can expect to learn new ways of doing things. But if the MLM success rate is only 2 or 3%, are new distributors suffering from information overload when they get started, or is there some other dark force at work?

You've probably seen it in your MLM business; new distributors who sign up one week, attend a training or two, then they're gone the next, never to be seen again.
Why is this?

First off, know what you want to achieve, then work out the most effective way of achieving it. Most don't do this.

In this article we would like to help you recognise why information overload exists and how to focus on activities which lead to network marketing success.
Enter the internet.

The internet has been both a blessing and a hurdle to network marketers. On the one hand you have MLM companies restricted by what they could make available to their distributors to counter outrageous claims about their products, and the huge number of tools and resources available online to those conducting research on how to improve their prospecting and business building.

I mean, have you ever sat in a training and listened to a trainer teach methods which don't work for you and don't sit right? No wonder savvy distributors like you are doing their own research on the internet. And so are your prospects.
Now what if we could introduce our prospects' online research to our marketing pieces? Is this possible with the traditional network marketing model? Let's see:

- make names list of family, friends and co-workers
- chase prospects and initiate contact
- spend money on tools, resources, products and samples
- get trained to overcome fear of rejection
- attend goal-setting and 'keep looking at goal card' to keep focused
- buy network marketing books and learn from gurus who succeeded with this old model

- web 2.0 (allows even the technically challenged to produce web content without learning complex code)
- social marketing like Facebook and Twitter help you connect with YOUR like-minded audience
- opportunity to create free/low-cost highly effective marketing campaigns
- practically no technical skills required- if you can surf and send emails, you CAN do this!
- ability to reach a global audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- opportunity to create a personalised marketing system which does all the pre-qualifying for you
- once your content is out there on the web, it stays there unlike traditional one-time ads
- and much more...

So, on the one hand you have your network marketing company promoting their own brand of marketing/prospecting, and the internet offering a whole new world of conflicting possibilities. No wonder distributors are suffering with information overload.
And as more and more distributors research new ways of building their MLM to reach a wider audience, they end up on countless mailing lists, buying numerous 'how to' guides and ebooks, resulting in more confusion than ever.

So is this the real reason why so many distributors burn out so fast?
To be free to use all the internet marketing tools above, you need to became a truly independent marketer. You could more or less say what you wanted or promote any program you wanted, right?

But we're getting ahead of ourselves here.
Consider this; the internet now makes it possible for MLM distributors to afford their own advertising and marketing campaigns which were never taught by MLM companies.
As an independent marketer, you change from the hunter to the hunted. How? By putting your information out there on the web, using internet tools, your get to connect with people conducting research in a way never known before. By using affordable smart marketing tools and strategies, you attract your target market to you.
So instead of you being the one who goes out there without any marketing at all, following the traditional MLM model of chasing people down, the situation is reversed so that the people you want to attract, are chasing YOU down.

Does this sound like the kind of activity you should be focusing on?
However, this equals more possibilities, more research, more information. The network marketing industry relies upon the average person being able to duplicate a process, but using the internet allows you to become a truly independent distributor for the first time. In fact, this is a golden time to be empowered. AND, this approach may be utilised to attract ANY target audience.

If you recognise the benefit of becoming an independent distributor using free and low-cost internet marketing methods, you recognise the need to focus on learning the right skills to achieve success.

In order to do this, you need to stop diluting your marketing efforts by spending time on different marketing techniques and strategies. Avoid information overload and start with the fundamentals of learning how to sponsor distributors online and generate real leads for your MLM business.
This is the first part of a proven process which has been quietly helping thousands of network marketers just like you to achieve success. Now it's your turn. Visit RicherTalk and get started in less than 5 minutes...

Rich Anderson - EzineArticles Expert Author


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