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The Dummies Notes to Internet Marketing

By: E. Knouse
Internet marketing is on everyone's lips and we would all like to get into it. So what's it all about? Internet marketing can refer to several things from the process of advertising using online media to the e-commerce. So let's get into more detail and understand what lies behind this complex term.

If you refer to the advertising part of Internet marketing we should first of all take a look at the offline, classical type of marketing. If you are not in the online thing, the options are not that limited. You can opt for radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, ad board and even other more non-conventional choices.
Internet marketing comes with its range of options and advantages as well. From the classical pay per view or pay per click ads, to article marketing, search engine optimization, review marketing and many others.

The kind of Internet marketing refers to the e-commerce aspect as well. If you manufacture or simply sell some products you can choose to go with a built from scratch website or you can try a website like eBay. Sites built from scratch don't have to be a burden either. You can either go with an e-commerce platform, or if you prefer you can choose the less time consuming option of hiring someone to build the site for you. Web developers can be found all over the place. You can hire a local or you can choose to find someone online to a freelancing site.

Another important part of this is the way you choose to process payments. There are lots of payment options out there and you can choose the one which suits you best. Many people prefer PayPal because it creates the connection between your customer's credit card and yours. No matter how they choose to pay and no matter how you choose to withdraw your cash, PayPal works for both of you. Also, if a customer pays through the PayPal website he doesn't have to share his credit card information any third party, so he can be sure he won't be cheated.

Once you have chosen the way you build your site, the way you accept and process payments and the way you advertise and market your products the Internet marketing steps are almost complete. Just make sure you find a reliable shipping option and that you state clearly what the prices of shipping are and where you will and where you won't ship.

It's also a good idea to go through search engine optimization or SEO and link building in order to rank high on search engines and make sure you get noticed by the potential buyers. The main idea is to keep visitors coming and buyers returning.

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